Enterprise Brant is one of 21 Community Futures Development Corporations serving Southwestern Ontario. What can Enterprise Brant do for your business?

Consider the three-legged stool. It’s a solid seat, but take away just one leg and you’ll be picking yourself up off the floor.  The Community Futures program has three essential legs too:

Business Loans. We’ll show you the money. CFDCs can lend a business up to $250,000 to start, expand, or even reposition.
Equipment, renovations, inventory and working capital can all be financed by your local CFDC.


Business Counselling helps business operators combine their knowledge and experience with sound business management principles and ultimately more success. And it’s free!

Economic Development activities advance opportunities for the local business sector with local communities –
with feasibility studies, marketing campaigns, and skills training to create a job-ready workforce.

Indispensable legs of a sturdy stool – that’s the Community Futures program, available to you at Enterprise Brant.