Board of Directors

Susan Brown, Chairperson
Susan joined Enterprise Brant in 2008. Susan provides sales growth solutions to businesses and has been a successful sales professional for twelve years.

Otto Heinzl, Past Chairperson
Otto joined Enterprise Brant in 2005. Otto is a retired Business Management Professional.

John Purkiss, Vice Chair
Join joined Enterprise Brant in 2014. John is a successful business owner in Brantford.

Eardly Judah, CA Treasurer
Eardly joined the Board in 2011. Eardly is a Financial Advisor & Chartered Accountant.

Andrew Haines, Secretary
Andrew joined the Board in 2011. Andrew is a Financial Planner.

Pat Davies, Director

Pat joined Enterprise Brant in 2002. Pat is a retired Healthcare Administrator.

Bob MacLean, Director
Bob joined Enterprise Brant Board in 2014. Bob is a retired Human Resources Professional.

Tanya Stephens, Director

Tanya joined the organization in 2013. Tanya is a lawyer with a local Brantford firm.

Vyrt Sisson, Director
Vyrt joined the board in 1994 and served for 10 years he returned to the organization in 2009.
Vyrt is a retired Bank Manager and volunteers for many organizations in the community.

Wendy Walton, Director
Wendy joined the board in 2012. Wendy is a retired business owner and entrepreneur.