Applying for a loan

Requests may be made for amounts up to $250,000 to assist with:

  • Start-Up inventory,  equipment, and working capital
  • Maintenance payroll, repairs, and working capital
  • Expansion, new products or location, and equipment
  • View videos of some of our success stories.

The following financing criteria must be met:

  • Business must be located in Brantford-Brant
  • Personal financial investment
  • Demonstrated ability to repay
  • Evidence of future economic viability
  • Management skills

We offer:
– Competitive interest rates
– Flexible repayment terms


 Loan Application Submission

For your convenience we offer both online and in person submission options.

Online: Submit your completed loan application to your Business Consultant through our website.

In Person: Print and complete the application, then contact us at (519) 752-4636 to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified Business Consultants.

Apply Now.

Enterprise Brant Loan Application Download